Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What up in my world

So, it's been a while since my last post... I've been having a few computer problems and time managment problems... but all is back to normal now!

I finally picked up my finger cymbal muffs from Naima. I LOVE THEM! They fit perfectly and look so pretty. Now no one will discover my super secret hideout when I play them! MMMUUUAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Speaking of the hideout, I had to drill in the raquet ball court today because the hideout was locked :'( That sucked. No barre and no mirrors. So I had to hold on to the wall while I drilled then I had to rely on a tiny refection in the glass doors for stand in mirrors. Not to mention that everyone could see me as they walked through the sports complex. One Asian guy did a double take... awkward.

Did I mention that Interior Hip Squares 1/2 time with a pos de burre totally sucks? Well, take my word for it, they are friggin A hard. I kinda looked like I was having lower body convusions. haha!

So now that I have my muffs I'll start working on the Salimpour choreography. It's the one that I learned 2 years ago at my first level II workshop and the same one that she added cymbals to at the last level II I did back in October of 08. I've posted a video of it... I'm the one farthest away in the pink. Imagine that.

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