Monday, February 2, 2009

Maintenance Guys Make Bad Spectators

While I was drilling in my super secret lair this morning 3 maintenance men walked in. They were surprised to see anyone in the studio and asked if they minded if they changed some light bulbs while I practiced. Obviously I couldn't say no, since I technically wasn't supposed to be in there anyway... so, yeah they worked at the back of the studio while I tried to drill at the front.

I tried to ignore them and they tried to ignore me... but it was still awkward. At least I had my ipod to drown out their noise. I bet they thought it was super creepy since it was silent in the room with the exception of my foot work, breathing and the occasional small cuss here and there from me. I'm sure I was counting out loud from time to time too, or saying 'front, right, back , left' or something similar when I was trying to keep my focus.

They really did their best not to pay me any attention, as I did my best too... but GOD, IT WAS SO DISTRACTING. I couldn't keep my head in the game, I tried and tried but I finally gave up and took off about 6 minutes short of my usual hour.

I can only wonder what they were thinking. I was dressed like a dancer, in leotard, tights and leg warmers but I wasn't dancing, just doing stuff with my butt and hips... I bet they were really confused! HAHA! ;)

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