Friday, January 30, 2009

Make-shift Studio ;)

I couldn't find my ipod today (imagine that, me loosing something) so I since I can't drill without it at my secret hideout on campus I had to make due at home today. I'm rather proud of myself, that could have been an easy excuse not to drill today but I did it anyway.

So here is the spare bedroom in the house we are renovating. It's currently taking on the role of master bedroom until the other rooms are finished, and for today it was my studio ;)

I sat in front of the foot board on the floor and drilled glutes layered with upper body movements then I used the foot board as a ballet barre and drilled Interior His Circles (IHC
for short) , Pelvic V's and Interior hip Squares (IHS for short)... you know, with the usuall releve-flat combo, in low jazz passe and with a plie. Then I drilled Across the Floor (ATF) from one side of the bed to the other. Remeber the CONES anyone???? HAHAHA! It was really Funny!

So, let that be a lesson in creativity to us all. Make do with what 'cha got!

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