Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finger cymbals and practice time!

I can't wait to pick these finger cymbal muffs up from Naima! I've been practicing dance at the studio at MSU in the mornings before my classes, but I can't work on my cymbals because... well if you think regular sized cymbals are loud you can only imagine what a pair of Suhaila's 3 inch big gals sound like. LOUD.

I think I'm going to take a video of me practicing someday. It ought to be really amusing! I'm really using the space illegally so I can't use any of the sound equipment or turn on all the light for fear of being caught... so I drill in a half lit studio with my ipod. It's pretty funny from an outsiders point of view I'm sure. There I am, walking with my hands above my head in releve doing all kinds of odd muscular movements, and uttering the occasional four letter word when things don't go quite right. Funny.

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